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Stepping up, Speaking out and Supporting Sisters.

As seen on The Project May 2022

Story Sharing

Me too - Me free Story Sharing is four weeks of personalised coaching, specifically designed for survivors of sexual assault.

Sharing your story with someone you feel solidarity with, is very helpul in your healing journey.

Learn quick and easy techniques of neural processing to facilitate healing.

Gain the confidence you need to step up, speak out and share your story.

The only way we heal is when we speak. Often we hide our trauma deep inside us, where it festers, causing us negative self belief patterns in adult life. Holding us back from reaching our full potential.

Sexual assualt advocate Suzi Dent is known as one of the women at the forefront of the #Metoo movement. Stepping up and speaking out in 2014 in a London court room as a bad character witness in the child sexual assault trial of a famous international British star.

Suzi has been interviewed in many podcasts, magazines and tv shows and has spoken around the world about stepping up, speaking out and supporting others to share their stories to facilitate global healing.

Author of the book Bare Naked and Beautiful - Suzi interviewed 12 women from around the world, who bravely share their stories of sexual assault and their inspirational healing journeys.

As a sexual assault advocate she has recently been featured in the channel 5 UK documentary film, "National Treasure, National Disgrace" and interviewed on Network 10's The Project, going viral with over half a million views in a week.

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Story Sharing