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60 Is The New 40: The Ultimate Guide to Defying Age

In this inspiring book, Suzi Dent shares her personal journey of healing, exploring natural remedies, and embracing a holistic approach to health.

Through her experience as a wellness and empowerment coach, film and TV hair and makeup artist, and dance fitness instructor with over 39 years of experience in skin and hair care, Suzi has helped countless women and men disrupt the aging process and live their best lives.

In "60 is the new 40: The Ultimate Guide to Defying Age", you'll discover the keys to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Backed by science and accessible to everyone, this book reveals the secrets to defying aging and living your best life at any age. Whether you're a woman or a man, this transformative journey will help you embrace your age, your wisdom, and your power, unlocking your full potential.

In a world that often tells us we are too old, too tired, and past our prime, Suzi Dent is here to show you that you are enough. With her inspiring message of empowerment, she invites you to join her on this transformative journey towards greater physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Don't wait any longer to discover the secrets to disrupting the aging process and living your best life.

Get your copy of "60 is the new 40: The Ultimate Guide to Defying Age" today and start your transformative journey towards greater health and wellness!

Bare Naked and Beautiful.

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Who Is Suzi Dent And

Why Should I Read Her Book?

Be Inspired To Start Your Healing Journey and Find Peace And Self-Love After Abuse...

This book contains survivor stories of thirteen Women from around the world, who bravely share their stories of sexual assault with us, to facilitate global healing.




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Here’s What You’ll Discover in the book:

Knowing that you are not alone. By sharing our experiences this creates solidarity, helping to facilitate global healing.

- You will be inspired to step into your personal power and

reclaim your inner beauty, peace and reach your full potential.

- The power that sharing your story can have in

your healing process and moving forward in life.

- Different healing therapies to be able to overcome negative, limiting self-beliefs.

- Knowing that you are not alone. By sharing our experiences this creates solidarity, helping to facilitate global healing.


Suzanne Australia - Child sexual assault; this is my story and it is pretty tame really, groping from an old man. However, the impact it would have on my 12-year-old self, changed my entire being and altered how I perceived myself for decades.

Addy Australia - Child molestation and sexual assault from a step grandfather is the theme here and we marvel at the resilience of a child and the mental fortitude Addy used to heal.

Elsa Cyprus - Child sexual abuse by a same sex cousin and marrying a man who was also a victim of sexual assault as a child. We learn that her husband is acting out and molesting their young son.

Charmaine Australia - Surviving child sexual assault by a trusted uncle at a very young age, we learn about a mother’s rage and the steps she took to publicly name and shame her stepbrother.

Michelle Australia - Surviving workplace sexual assault in the entertainment industry. We learn the lasting effects on a young woman who has been subject to manipulation, control and intimidation by her employer.

Jane New Zealand - This is an explicitly told, horrifying story of years of child sexual assault, complete neglect, abuse and rape, with an abortion at 12. Told she would never make it in life, Jane proves everyone wrong!

Emma Egypt - Raised by a narcissistic mother and full of disempowering self-beliefs, she marries a narcissist and finds herself living a life of domestic violence and abuse. We also learn the effects on their five boys.

Tina Australia - Living in a home with domestic violence and sexual abuse from her alcoholic father, the teenage Tina takes brave steps into her inner warrior woman to free herself from his tyranny.

Donna Australia - Less than one month into the marriage, Donna discovers the true nature of the man she married. Assault, abuse, control and domestic violence are the theme in this story.

Mel Australia - This is a very explicit journey of years of child sexual assault, abuse and rape by mum’s boyfriends. This 14-year-old stood up for her rights and took the men to court! A warrior woman journey.

Rani Mauritius - child sexual assault at the age of 4 by a stranger, coupled with neglectful and naïve parents. We learn how the untreated psychological trauma set her up with disempowering beliefs for decades.

Lara South Africa - Groomed by an older man and given drugs and alcohol over a period of time, the young trusting teenager has her virginity stolen by a man who was a trusted friend.

Mary Australia - Bullied at school with low self-esteem and confidence , Mary was a target of an older man and fell prey to his grooming tactics and sexual abuse.

Bare Naked and Beautiful Synopsis:

As a sexual abuse advocate, I am passionate about guiding women who have been subjected to sexual abuse to find their voice and reclaim their power.

Stepping up, Speaking out and Supporting a sister. I was a bad character witness in 2014 in the sexual assault trial of an international British star.

This court case was a part of the now famous Operation Yewtree which was conducted by Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police.

They took many rich, powerful, famous entertainers to court who were found guilty and jailed for historical sex crimes.

I am known as one of the founding women of the #Metoo movement, the biggest global healing movement for women that the world has ever seen.

The societal disbelief culture, towards victims of sexual assault, is changing. Women are finally being heard.

These stories are told in the spirit of healing and education, as many women will relate to aspects of these stories, encouraging them to share their journey for the first time, facilitating global healing.

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"Bare Naked And Beautiful absolutely changed my life and how I look at things. I have now changed my focus and the way I'm doing everything..." - Nickie Harding

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