About Suzi Dent

About suzi dent

Welcome to Speaker for justice.

Suzi Dent, an internationally acclaimed award-winning speaker, is dedicated to empowering individuals, fostering personal growth, and instilling confidence. Her passion lies in guiding others towards personal empowerment, elevated self-esteem, and mind mastery, enabling them to go above and beyond in their pursuits and make a positive impact.

Renowned as one of the trailblazing women at the forefront of the monumental #metoo movement, Suzi serves as an inspiration to others, encouraging them to step forward, speak up, and support themselves and those around them. She is deeply committed to enlightening others about the generational mindset ingrained in our societies that perpetuates a culture of disbelief.

Suzi firmly believes that healing from our past requires the power of our voices: "The only way we heal is by speaking out." With a genuine love for people and a wealth of personal experiences, she works passionately with women, empowering them to embrace their dreams and live fulfilling lives. Her areas of expertise include mind mastery, effective communication, and nurturing a fit, youthful, and vibrant life at any age.

Drawing from her extensive background as a successful business owner, Suzi established the first agency in NSW for public access to professional freelance hair and makeup artists, Beautiful Bride Hair and Makeup Service, back in the 1980s. Her pioneering efforts earned her multiple state business awards, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the industry.

In addition to her illustrious freelance career in the Australian entertainment industry, Suzi has spent over 35 years mentoring women of all ages, coaching them in both personal and professional success. Her dynamic presentations challenge women to break free from the limitations of age and believe in their boundless potential. Through relatable storytelling infused with authenticity, honesty, and humour, Suzi captivates audiences, leaving them feeling uplifted, inspired, and armed with the courage to confront any obstacle.

Suzi's remarkable accomplishments and success stories include being one of the influential women who ignited the global #metoo movement, a transformative force for healing and empowerment among women worldwide. Furthermore, her pioneering business ventures and her enduring commitment to coaching women have garnered widespread recognition.

With her infectious high energy and joyous personality, Suzi has a magnetic presence that leaves a lasting impression on everyone she encounters. Prepare to be uplifted, inspired, and emboldened to embrace every challenge head-on after connecting with Suzi Dent.

Discover the power of personal empowerment and join Speaker for Justice today. Together, let us make a difference and create a more just and empowered world.




Join 13 Brave Souls Share Their #MeToo Experience And The Healing Journey They Have Taken To Find Peace, Self-Love, And Beauty In Their Life Again.

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We are designed to live amazing lives and to be the best possible versions of ourselves, to serve the world in our way. Suzi is passionate about guiding people to live their happiest life with the self-love they deserve.

Suzi provides an individual programme for each of her one on one clients as we are all unique spiritual beings at different stages in our lives. She also provides a safe space for you to speak about your experiences of sexual assault or abuse if needed and you meet via zoom video.

When you talk and share your stories, it facilitates healing within you, helping you to recognise any disempowering beliefs that may be holding you back.

By facilitating the healing you need from within through the power of forgiveness and gratitude, you are able to live in peace and joy, tapping into your highest potential and living as your most confident self, capable of anything you set out to achieve.

"Suzi has rebuilt my confidence and been an amazing coach and mentor after a photoshoot that shattered my confidence."

- Kyra Mulheran

"Suzi gave me the confidence to believe that I could go after a lead role, that I could do it."

- Brea Kingsland

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