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It's my mission to help you gain the outrageous Confidence you deserve to step into your abundant, happy life.

Have you always felt that you were meant for bigger things? Do you dream of being seen as an expert in your field? Would you love to have the confidence to do live interviews on major TV shows and radio? Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience your story and your brand being published around the world?

In today’s world of social media, video is all the rage now as the most effective way to engage a following and build your brand. Do you feel uncomfortable every time the camera is turned on and you have to speak? Are you happy with the way you sound, the way you present on camera? Do you know your headline, your story? How to get publicity?

You will never believe the crazy beautiful experience your life can become, until you gain the confidence to chase everything you ever wanted, without hesitation.

You were born for amazing things! It’s your time to shine!


“Boost Your Profile, Income, and Impact By Using Free Publicity”

Without paying expensive PR or advertising agencies!

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Confidence Coach

As your Confidence Coach, I give you personalised steps to follow to overcome any limiting self-beliefs you may have that are hanging onto you from your past. I help you discover your story, find your voice, raise your self-esteem and your perception of yourself. Stepping fully into the self-confidence you have always wanted, so you can just go for anything! That job interview, the course or book you have always wanted to write, the relationship you may desire.

With my signature, personalised "Nail Your Confidence System" we work together via zoom on the four pillars that support you, guiding you to believe in yourself and dream bigger.

I help you discover your headline story, build your speaking confidence on camera, via presentation, mindset, tonality and communication tools. You will confidently find your voice and step up and speak out to the world in no time!

Booking a confidence call with me, is your first step in truly realising your dreams. This is an individual coaching programme and is as unique as you are!

I look forward to meeting you.

Keynote Speaker

I am an international award winning speaker who encourages and inspires others to find their confidence and their voice.

Known as one of the women at the beginning of the biggest global healing movement for women that the world has ever seen, #metoo. I inspire others to follow my example of stepping up, speaking out and supporting themselves and others.

The only way we heal from our past is by speaking and using our voices. I am passionate about educating others about the generational mindset in our societies that keeps the culture of disbelief occurring. I do this from a place of love and understanding, not judgement and work with corporate, and individual organisations towards a better understanding of communication in the workplace and in life.

My impressive background in business ownership and freelancing and mentoring for over 35 years in the Australian advertising, media and television industries, as well as international film productions and media work, gives me the unique ability to connect with audiences from all walks of life, inspiring them to be the best they can be.

My energy and personality are infectious, leaving everyone uplifted, inspired, and ready to meet any challenge head-on. My presentations are transformational, and full of real-life experiences told in a relatable way, with authenticity, honesty and humour.

Bare Naked and Beautiful Book

As a sexual abuse advocate, I am passionate about guiding women who have been subjected to sexual assault and abuse to find their voice and reclaim their power. Stepping up, Speaking out and Supporting a Sister.

Only through telling our stories, can we begin to heal. Known as one of the women at the beginning of the #metoo movement, I was part of a court case in the UK that helped to jail a famous, powerful, connected, international entertainer who is also a pedophile. Because of women like me coming forward and bravely telling their stories, the societal disbelief culture towards victims of sexual assault is changing. Women are finally being listened to and heard. You can live your life with self-love and facilitate healing from within, with guidance and support.

Bare Naked and Beautiful is a collection of interviews with women from around the world, who bravely share their stories of surviving sexual assault and their healing journeys. They are told in the spirit of healing and education, so we can recognise signals and signs of abuse in our children and loved ones and to teach others the different healing modalities available to them. As staggering as the statistics show us that 1 in 3 women are sexually abused in their lifetime, many women will relate to aspects of these stories, encouraging them to tell their personal journey for the first time, facilitating their own healing.

Confidence Is Key


Vibrate at Your Highest Frequency

Confidently find your Voice and Step Up and Speak Out to the World!



Amplify Mental Mastery



Elevate Self Belief



Raise Your Vibration



Optimise Confidence

Together we focus on all four pillars that help you live your best life - Mental, Emotional,Spiritual and Physical, With these four pillars as your strong foundation, you will be able to step forward in your life with resilience and strength. With an authentic and trustworthy communication connection, I will help you vibrate at your highest frequency, empowering you to live a confident, joyous life.

This Is Where I Come In

Hi, My Name Is Suzi Dent

Welcome to my world!

I am a multi-award-winning film and television hair, makeup and special effects artist, author of the book Bare Naked and Beautiful, and an international award-winning speaker. I am also a live audience talk show host, a writer, an educator, a mother, an ex-wife, a Confidence Coach, a model, and Mrs Earth Australia 2017.

Working in the creative world of film and tv as a hair and makeup artist, I have listened to and advised on a wide array of problems weighing on people who have sat in my makeup chair.

Over the last three decades, I have lifted the self-esteem and confidence of thousands using my make-up brushes, curling wand, and my words. I accept people for who they are with no judgment.

I was also a witness in the sexual assault trial of an international British star, now the famous Operation Yewtree, conducted by Scotland Yard and the Met Police that took many entertainers to court for historical sex crimes.

This would go on to make me one of the founding women of the #metoo movement, the biggest global healing movement the world has ever seen.

Today I am a successful entrepreneur having freelanced in the world of film, television, and advertising as a hair, make-up, and special effects artist for over 35 years. I have been creatively responsible for some of Australia’s most memorable media campaigns and worked on many television productions. I am a life coach and mentor for over 3 decades.

It is my mission to help you gain the outrageous confidence that you deserve to step into your abundant, happy life.



Join 13 Brave Souls From Different Ethnicities Share Their #MeToo Experience And The Healing Journey They Have Taken To Find Peace, Self-Love, And Beauty In Their Life Again.

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Made For More!

We are designed to live amazing lives and to be the best possible versions of ourselves, to serve the world in our way. I am passionate about guiding people to live their happiest life with the self-love they deserve.

I provide an individual programme for each of my clients as we are all unique spiritual beings at different stages in our lives. I also provide a safe space for you to speak about your experiences of sexual assault or abuse if needed and we meet via zoom video.

When we talk and share our stories, it facilitates healing within us, helping you to recognise any disempowering beliefs that may be holding you back.

By facilitating the healing you need from within through the power of forgiveness and gratitude, you are able to live in peace and joy, tapping into your highest potential and living as your most confident self, capable of anything you set out to achieve.


Lives Changed

I am an authentically joyous, loving woman with an abundance of learned life experiences, who sees beauty in everyone. This has given me opportunities to connect with a variety of people from different walks of life.

Over the last three decades, I have lifted the self-esteem of thousands using my brushes and my words. I accept people for who they are with no judgment.

Working in the creative world of film and tv as a hair and makeup artist, I have listened to and advised on a wide array of problems weighing on people who have sat in my makeup chair.

Now as a Holistic Confidence Coach, I help you navigate your life path in the quickest, easiest, and most productive way possible.

With an authentic and trustworthy communication connection, I will help you vibrate at your highest frequency empowering you (to be able) to live your dream life.

"Suzi has rebuilt my confidence and been an amazing coach and mentor after a photoshoot that shattered my confidence."

- Kyra Mulheran

"Suzi gave me the confidence to believe that I could go after a lead role, that I could do it."

- Brea Kingsland



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Confidence Journey

There is a distinct difference between confidence and self-esteem. You can fake having confidence, but you can’t fake having self-esteem and that is what you really need to make your dreams possible.

2016 found me in a toxic co-dependent marriage, very unhappy, feeling desperate, not enough, unfulfilled and without hope or purpose. Stuck in the proverbial dark tunnel with no light to turn toward for salvation, I was out of balance and my naturally bright light was really dim. I needed to fill up my spiritual gas tank and so I started to listen to motivational speakers on my daily walks the one thing I learnt was that to really change your life, you had to make yourself uncomfortable.

I decided to pray, have faith, trust my instincts and reach out to God with both hands to show me what I needed to learn and experience to change my life. Out of left field, I was sent the most amazing, life-changing, sliding doors moment, that taught me to love myself again, raised my self-esteem to match my high confidence and enabled me to find my true authentic self.

I listened to God’s whispers and was sent a message right out of left field when I was approached to be a contestant in an international beauty pageant. They supported a charity that I was impressed by so I said yes and in doing so I changed my life.

I worked on all four pillars of my authentic true self; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In doing so I learnt the four disciplines needed to step into an awesome life journey. These would later become the pillars of my "Nail Your Confidence System".

I had been a tomboy for 30 years, never wearing dresses and heels or fitted anything. I had a psychological fear of frocks and felt very uncomfortable wearing them. However, I pushed through my fears, one dress at a time, and had full faith and confidence that I was on the right life path. I practised gratitude and had 100% self-belief.

I went on to be crowned the first Mrs Earth Australia 2017.

I found myself in Vegas a few months later, representing Australia, where I competed against 36 other women, half of whom I could have given birth to and I was crowned 3rdas Mrs Earth Health.

I received press all around the world as the 55-year-old tomboy to beauty queen and was on our morning tv shows, the news, international and local magazines and newspapers. I’m delighted to say that my journey has inspired many other older women to enter the world of pageantry.

Many doors have opened to me because I said YES and stepped into action and with full faith, I practised gratitude and self-belief. I am now an international award-winning speaker, a model, a CoverGirl, a master of ceremonies, the host of a live audience talk show and a confidence coach.



The ‘Nail Your Confidence Blueprint’ You Can Use To

Grow Outrageous Belief In Yourself in as Little as 30 Days!

Let's talk about how you can maximize your confidence and self esteem and lose any fear, anxiety and self-doubt you may have, so you can step into the dream life that is waiting for you!

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