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Suzi Dent is a courageous and resilient advocate who believes in the power of speaking out against injustice. She has fearlessly confronted societal taboos and shed light on important issues. Notably, she played a significant role in the Rolf Harris sexual assault court case, becoming a voice for survivors and standing against silence and oppression. Her impact has reached more than 30 million people through social media, where she shares captivating stories and connects with audiences, inspiring positive change and empowering individuals to break free from shame and fear. Invite Suzi Dent to your event and experience her enlightening and empowering message firsthand as she continues to touch hearts and challenge perspectives, fostering transformative dialogue worldwide.


Hi, My Name Is Suzi Dent

I believe that age is not a limitation; it's a mindset. My passion lies in empowering individuals to challenge societal expectations and redefine what it means to age disruptively, to age with grace and vitality. I firmly believe that we are what we think we are, and by changing our mindset about ourselves, we can unlock our true potential and live life to the fullest.

As an author of the book "60 is the New 40: The Ultimate Guide to Defying Age," I explore the transformative power of mindset and self-perception in the realm of aging. Through my writing, I aim to inspire readers to embrace a positive outlook, discard self-imposed limitations, and embark on new adventures at any stage of life.

In my work, I emphasize the importance of self-talk and how the words we use to describe ourselves shape our experiences. I encourage individuals to challenge the notion that they are "too old" for new endeavors or personal growth. By reimagining what's possible and adopting a mindset of possibility, we can age with resilience, vibrancy, and fulfillment.

My mission extends beyond writing. As an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and a voice for millions, I am committed to raising awareness and promoting conversations about consent, communication, and empowerment. I have had the privilege of speaking at numerous universities and colleges, facilitating discussions that help students navigate these crucial topics.

I invite you to connect with me to join the conversation, explore opportunities for collaboration, and delve deeper into the transformative power of mindset, self-perception, and aging disruptively. Together, let's challenge societal norms, embrace our authentic selves, and rewrite the narrative of aging.


Why Choose Me as Your Speaker:


My journey is an authentic testament to the transformative power of speaking out. I draw from personal experiences and unwavering dedication to create a profound connection with audiences, leaving an indelible impact on all who listen.


By sharing my story, I empower others to find their voice and realize the strength within them. Together, we create a safe space where vulnerability is celebrated and healing begins.


As a survivor and seasoned speaker, I bring a wealth of knowledge on topics such as sexual assault, survivor empowerment, and breaking the cycle of silence. My presentations are thoughtfully crafted to educate, enlighten, and inspire audiences to take action.


With every speaking engagement, I bring compassion and empathy, fostering an atmosphere of understanding and support. Your audience's well-being is my priority, and I offer guidance and resources to navigate difficult conversations and foster healing.

When you book me as your speaker, you ensure a profound and lasting impact on your audience. My words challenge preconceived notions, motivate change, and equip individuals to become agents of transformation in their own lives and communities. Take the first step towards an inspiring and transformative event. Book me as your speaker today, and together, let us witness the power of courageous voices in action. We can create a world where no voice goes unheard, and justice prevails.

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What Others Say About Suzi Dent

Suzi Dent was named by Hit 90.9 Sea FM as one of the Gold Coasts six most inspirational 2018 women. Alongside Margot Robbie, Giaan Rooney, Sophie Monk, Amy Shark and Jesinta Franklin.

“Suzi Dent is amongst the most engaging speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. She possesses the unique quality of holding an audience in the palm of her hand with her dynamic personality and inspiring motivational stories.”- Kyra Mulheran

LJoanne Rahn – Director Zanthii Communicationsndae.

“Suzi is a confident and natural speaker with high energy and an engaging presentation style. She has such a wonderful bubbly character and is a welcomed addition to any event.”- Brea Kingsland

Charlie Mancini – Principal project manager. Metro North Hospital and Health Service

“Suzi truly possesses a rare and remarkable ability to make each and every client feel special, alive and deserving as one by one they became transformed.”

Cheryl Freeman - Eazeintuit founder, undergraduate psychology, Bond university

“We wanted to firstly thank you again for coming out to speak to the women of our church at our Women’s conference held back at the end of May. Your words were inspiring and your enthusiasm was contagious! We were so grateful you took time out of your busy life to bless our lives and come and speak to us about your journey and about your involvement with Soles 4 souls.

Norma, Deb, Jodie and Kristy – The State Relief Society presidency for the Church of jesus Christ of latter-day saints.

Contact me now to discuss your event and secure me as your keynote speaker. Let my story ignite change and empower your audience to find their own voice.

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