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Suzi Dent

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Meet Suzi


Suzi is a passionate and entertaining transformational speaker with impact. Her focus is empowering individuals from her experience as an entrepreneur encompassing being an award winning hair and make-up artist in Australian film and television, the launch of her base cosmetics range, and foray into the world of pageantry at the young age of 54.

Along the way there were personal challenges that would have left many in their wake but Suzi persevered and she shares her resilience skills to help others achieve goals they consider to be beyond their wildest dreams. Download Suzi’s One Sheet here or click below for more details.


About Suzi

Suzi is a successful entrepreneur having freelanced in film and television as a hair and make-up artist for over 35 years. She started specialising in bridal hair and make-up in Sydney in the early 90’s quickly becoming the renowned in New South Wales employing 23 professional artists with several state awards for her work. Suzi is also a respected special effects make-up artist responsible for some of Australia’s most memorable media campaigns as well as television productions and international films. 

Suzi’s considered a mad scientist after creating and manufacturing a natural cosmetic range “Base Cosmetics” in the late 90’s. She was responsible for all departments from concept and development to advertising, sales, marketing, expansion and distribution. Her experience in small business and her entrepreneurial successes have afforded Suzi the skills required to help others achieve their goals too.


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Keynote Speaker & MC

Suzi Dent is a high energy charismatic speaker, motivator and MC with a wealth of experience. Her impressive background in business ownership and working in the media industry results in real life solutions and transformational skills she brings to the stage. Suzi is also well adept in loving those close to her heart considered toxic and helping loved ones through depression. She’s available to tell you all about it and help you work through the roadblocks with her tried and tested techniques. 

Suzi is focused on helping others by inspiring them to believe in themselves and realise their dreams through acceptance of The Power of YES! regardless of the roadblocks in the way.

Suzi is a renowned Keynote Speaker and MC with entrepreneurial experience encompassing her career as a hair and makeup artist in Australian advertising and television as well as international film productions. She’s worked not only behind the scenes but in front of the camera too and that combined experience provides an array of expertise for your audience. 

Suzi has the unique ability to connect with audiences from all walks of life inspiring them to be the best they can be. Her energy and personality is infectious leaving everyone uplifted, inspired and ready to meet any challenge head on. Her presentations are full of real life teachings told in a down to earth and very relatable way with a couple of belly laughs to increase those endorphins.

At the young age of 54, Suzi stepped out from being a lifetime tomboy, avoiding frocks and  heals, to be awarded Mrs Earth Australia at an age when most consider themselves over the hill. She went on to compete in Las Vegas awarded 3rd runner up against entrants she says, “I could’ve given birth to.”


Mentor & Coach


Suzi enjoys sharing her life experiences and being a positive influence amongst women as a  mentor. Suzi’s goal and passion is to start a conversation around the world about aging with a positive mindset. Her favourite mantra is “Age is just a number, it’s what you do with it that counts!”

She proved this  is very much the case by turning the beauty pageant world upside down in 2017. At 54 years young, self-confessed tomboy Suzi entered her very first beauty pageant. Not only was she crowned the first ever Mrs Earth Australia, but at 55 years young, Suzi placed 3rd runner up at the international final in Las Vegas in June, beating women half her age!

Further to this, Suzi won the title of Mrs Earth Health – a title awarded to the delegate who best represents a positive image for all women and a healthy mind, body and spiritual realm, regardless of their size or age.

Adding to her platform and dynamic presentations, Suzi is also available as a life coach and mentor, via skype, email, phone or in person and works with you to help you reach your full potential.

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A natural entertainer, Suzi will have you in fits of laughter as she takes you on her journey of transformation from tomboy to beauty queen with a couple of juicy tales along the way that will make you laugh and cry. From her setbacks and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, to how she reached a place filled with passion and purpose – Suzi is an example of prosperity and she’ll inspire you to believe you’re worth being the best you regardless of challenges in your relationships, the competitive world that is business, or those inner demons lowering your self esteem.




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