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Suzi Dent - Keynote Speaker, Mentor & MC

Keynote Speaker

Suzi is a passionate and entertaining transformational speaker with impact. Her focus is empowering individuals from her experience as an entrepreneur encompassing being an award winning hair and make-up artist in Australian film and television, the launch of her base cosmetics range, and foray into the world of pageantry at the young age of 54.

Along the way there were personal challenges that would have left many in their wake but Suzi persevered and she shares her resilience skills to help others achieve goals they consider to be beyond their wildest dreams. Download Suzi’s One Sheet here or click below for more details.

Your audience will be inspired by Suzi and her lesson in “The Mind Shift Shield!”

Life Coach and Mentor

Beyond her dynamic presentations, Suzi is also available for personal coaching and mentorship via Skype, email, phone, or in person. Whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals and full potential.

Her experience both behind and in front of camera, as well as life’s challenges, have afforded Suzi many years of career and personal resilience skills to help you be the best you. Contact Suzi for a private consultation to help build your confidence so you can achieve your goals too.

Suzi Dent

Media Interview Coach

Suzi’s career as an award winning film & television hair and makeup artist for more than 30 years is experience in what happens behind the camera. Her foray as a performer, media personality, and international pageant queen (in her mid-50s), and celebrated special effects makeup artist interviewed for her amazing work, provides experience of what happens in front of the camera.

This combined savvy Suzi offers are unmatched. Suzi is formidable when interviewed. She’s also available to coach and guide your media journey with a couple of laughs along the way.

Suzi is the ideal MC for your next event

While Suzi is a formidable keynote speaker, there’s occasion events need an inspirational Master of Ceremony to keep the show running. In these instances Suzi can offer her expertise. Suzi is an experienced public speaker with a long history as a highly sought MC for both private and corporate events. Her relatability, humour, response to audience, and detail to attention ensures she’s the MC you need when you want that extra pizzazz your guests will remember long after your event.

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